For the past twelve years , the Vedauwoo Fire Department  and I, as its Fire Chief, have proudly served our community in some of their worst times.  We started small and, as the needs of our community grew, we expanded to meet those needs.  At present, we are a full service fire and rescue department providing protection from wild land, structural and vehicular fires in our community, along Interstate 80 and, as mutual aid responders throughout the county and neighboring Laramie County.  And we couldn’t have done it without the generous help of you, the members of the Vedauwoo community.


             As your fire chief, I have a duty to ensure, to the best of my ability, the provision of emergency services response to the residents of the Vedauwoo area, including travelers along I-80.  I have always taken, and will continue to take, this responsibility very seriously.  I, and the fire fighters of this department, have pledged to provide a service to our community and will continue to do so in the face of all odds.


             Now Vedauwoo Fire/Rescue, as well as myself, finds itself at the center of a controversy that threatens to leave residents of the Vedauwoo community, as well as travelers along I-80 without timely fire/emergency response (don’t forget, Laramie Fire Department is, at a minimum, 20 minutes from responding to our area).  The issues involved are many and varied but, at their heart is Mr. Jim Noel, Chairman of the Albany County Fire District #1.  In a series of articles beginning 30 Sept. 2011, the Laramie Boomerang has reported on these issues.  Unfortunately, the initial, and central, issue of equitable department funding utilizing your tax dollars, through the Albany County Fire District #1 Board have become muddied with other issues. To remove the confusion of the rhetoric and provide factual (and documented) information I would welcome any inquiries and, will gladly answer any questions that cannot be answered by information contained on this website.  Please contact me, via the department e-mail  address listed and I will respond to all inquiries.  If you include a phone number and a time to call, I will gladly call and discuss any and all issues with you.


             To borrow from a quote heard through the history of this country, “It is time for all good people to come to the aid of their fire department”.  In the past, we have asked for financial help and have appreciated and utilized every dollar that you have provided but, now we need your help in other ways.  If you believe that spending $0 dollars on Vedauwoo Fire/Rescue while over $450,000 is spent on other departments within the District is an unjust use of your tax dollars; if you believe that a fire district that has accumulated over $900,000 of tax dollars in a “strategic reserve” account  while removing 4 fire fighting vehicles from service and offering no option for replacement or repair is an unfair use of your tax dollars; if you believe that a heavy handed edict of suspension for a fire chief that has simply attempted to provide the service that he has sworn to provide for his community and stood strong in the face of unjust use of power is, simply, wrong…I ask you to contact the members of the Albany County Fire District #1 Board via the e-mail address listed on this site.


It is our sincere desire that you never need the services that we provide but, just in case, please…Help us to continue serve you.  Thank you for your support.

Chief’s Statement

Jeff Mitros – Fire Chief

Chas Ogden ─ Assistant Chief


Vedauwoo Fire Rescue Department

P.O. Box 65 – Laramie, WY 82073-0065






If you’re planning a controlled burn, Please Contact Laramie Dispatch at (307)721-2526 and let them know.

Vedauwoo Primary Response Area

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